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Golf Coaching Packages  Golf Coaching Packages

At KR Golf Studio we offer four packages to our discerning clientele.

Palmer "The King" Package : 5 hours
This package is good as quick refresher on the fundamentals or as an introduction to what our Master Teaching Professional, Karl Russell, can do for your overall game.

Hogan "The Hawk" Package : 10 hours
This package features 10 hours of private golf coaching that allows the opportunity to observe you both in the studio and on the golf course .Perfect as an introduction to the game or as a refresher for the established player.

Snead"The Slammer" Package: 20 hours
This package allows time to take an in depth look at your game over the course of 20 hours of private golf coaching and if necessary work on different aspects at the same time. It is ideally suited to those who want to dedicate more time to their game to see greater results, faster.

Nelson" Iron Byron" Package: 30 hours
A package suited to either the serious golfer,whether beginner or advanced, who is committed to the complete game approach. During 30 hours of private golf coaching every aspect of your game will be assessed in order to provide you with a clear, concise, solution oriented plan to take your game to the next level.

Playing Lessons:

All or some package hours can be used via 9 or 18 hole on course playing lessons. This is highly recommended, after all this is where the game of golf is played! A little tweak here or there can cut shots instantly off your score, all because you took the time to invest in your game where it truly counts – on course. Guided by our Master Teaching Professional, Karl Russell, you will be instructed where to focus your attention in order to reduce those wasted shots out on the course.

Coaching Packages Coaching Packages